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Entries Pre-Release Track
(Gift for The Unit)

What Else Can I Do PreMaster5(6.23)Jun Lucas
00:00 / 02:59
High Expectations (In Progress)Jun Lucas
00:00 / 01:54

"High Expectations’ was born out of a period when I struggled with intense perfectionism and the inner turmoil that followed. I often overlooked my achievements and went through life relentlessly criticizing myself, like a harsh boss. Here’s a sneak peek at the song, 60% complete, as we continue with the recording process. Enjoy this early glimpse into the journey!" - Jun Lucas

Rap English Interpretation

Let me free myself,

Unload these baggages of constraints,

I packed the bags way too full to even fit my own breathing space,

packed with things I won't need to compensate for insecurity,


I don’t need perfection nor should I carry expectations

Because no one is born a superhero, capable of lifting the earth's crust.

I was born ordinary, though unwilling at heart, I'll find time to reconcile with myself and regain faith.


High expectations got me tired of perfection because

I just simply be doing too much, life CAN be plain and simple


High expectations got me tired of perfections, seeking

The meaning of life, is no longer a worrisome, just follow the melody so I'll hold my breath,

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