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Jun Lucas, 23

Pop Singer, Rapper, Dancer, (low key a comedian)


Pop, C-pop, R&B, Electronic

Artist Long Bio:

Jun Lucas is a South African singer, dancer, rapper known for his language & genre-melding musicianship in pop music. 


Although being classically trained as a pianist during his childhood, later becoming a blues guitarist in adolescence, Jun Lucas was passionate about American & Korean pop music, which prompted him to move to USA to study songwriting, music production, vocal performance and dance at Berklee College of Music, as pursuing the route of an idol in Korea would mean severing contact with his family for a period of time which he was not prepared to do.


“He’s just a boy from a humble background with massive dreams of one day performing and creating the kind of music and entertainment he was inspired by on YouTube as a kid, stepping on stage with his idols and buying his parents a nice house”


The key to Jun Lucas' infectious and vibrant energy in his music and performances lies within a genuine fondness for people and the burning desire to give and entertain. 


With roots as a multi-instrumentalist songwriter-producer, he has found a new home in the realm of singing, dancing and acting. 


He is currently finishing his fifth and final year at Berklee College of Music, studying a dual major program of songwriting and music production.

Venues Performed

May 2022 - July 2022

February 2022 - April 2022

Joons Coffee Bar Gallery - Johannesburg, SA

Hell's Kitchen Mellville - Johannesburg, SA

Monte Casino - Johannesburg, SA 

Berklee College of Music - Boston, MA

Newbury street - Boston, MA

'Quin House - Boston, MA

October 2021 - December 2021

Tour Dates

Songs of Your Youth
Songs of Your Youth
13 Aug 2022, 19:00 – 21:00 SAST
Shop 08, Linden Place, 59 4th Ave, Linden, Johannesburg, 2195, South Africa
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